Salton Sea Advisory 9-26-14

Friday 26 September 2014 11:48:00 AM

Location: Mecca

Categorie: Bad air Quality Conditions


SOUTH COAST AIR QUALITY MANAGEMENT DISTRICT SCAQMD Issues Odor Advisory due to Elevated Hydrogen Sulfide Levels Near Salton Sea This advisory is in effect today and will expire at Midnight, September 26, 2014. If conditions warrant, SCAQMD will update this information. The South Coast Air Quality Management District has issued an odor advisory today for the Coachella Valley due to elevated levels of a gas that smells like rotten eggs. That gas – hydrogen sulfide – is associated with natural processes occurring in the Salton Sea. Hourly average concentrations of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) peaked this morning at 47 parts per billion downwind of the Salton Sea in the city of Mecca and similar elevated concentrations were also measured closer to the Salton Sea. Concentrations from these monitors have fluctuated this morning, but elevated concentrations may still occur. Elevated H2S levels are not expected to continue this afternoon, but if winds from the southeast do occur, other areas in the Coachella Valley may also experience the odors. The state standard for outdoor levels of hydrogen sulfide is 30 parts per billion averaged over one hour. At that level, most individuals can smell the odor and some may experience symptoms such as headaches and nausea. However, the symptoms associated with this level of exposure are temporary and do not cause any long-term health effects. Humans can detect hydrogen sulfide odors at extremely low concentrations, down to a few parts per billion. SCAQMD monitors hydrogen sulfide at two locations in the southeastern Coachella Valley – one very close to the Salton Sea and the other in the community of Mecca. There is potential for Salton Sea odors to occur as the winds shift, especially in the late summer months in the early morning and evening, or as thunderstorms occur in the southwestern U.S. deserts More information on Hydrogen Sulfide can be found at the following link: SCAQMD is the air pollution control agency for Orange County and major portions of Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Riverside counties. SCAQMD Advisory updates can be found at the following link: To subscribe to air quality alerts, advisories and forecasts by email, go to

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