Abandoned tires, out house, trash, debris of illegal car dismantling

Wednesday 8 November 2017 08:25:12 AM

Location: Indio, CA

Categorie: Illegal Dumping


From the 10 freeway, westbound, if you look to the right into this desert clearing you can see a house taking in cars illegally for business through their backyard fence. There are tons of abandoned tires, an out house, trash, debris of illegal car dismantling. Authorities need to be involved with this resident.

Problem Solver Comment:
To report code violations, please contact the local code enforcement department. This report was forwarded to Indio Code Enforcement on 11/21/17: https://cityofindio.seamlessdocs.com/f/CodeViolation
Update: On 11/22/17 Indio Code Enforcement investigated this complaint and will be addressing this issue.

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