Wednesday 21 February 2018 03:50:41 AM

Location: Dillon Rd & CA-86 & I-10BL, Coachella, CA 92236, USA

Categorie: Illegal Dumping


Massive transient encampment has been growing every week. There's a major environmental and human health risk here. Update from Shawn Muir, 29 Palms BMI Env'l Coord.: "There was a meeting held at Coachella Valley Rescue Mission on March 14th attended by many homeless outreach organizations and governmental jurisdictions, including CalTrans, the land owner where the encampment sits. At the meeting the charity organizations presented a 6-week plan to get help for the individuals at the encampment before it is bulldozed by CalTrans. CalTrans granted the 6-week window and to my knowledge there has been a concerted effort to get each individual placed in a temporary or permanent shelter, or help them get back to family, etc. "

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