Western Environmental Dumping (Updated: Verified CBMI Cleanup Activity)

Thursday 17 May 2018 08:48:20 AM

Location: 62300 Gene Welmas Dr, Mecca, CA 92254, USA

Categorie: Other


Illegal dumping of hazardous waste at Western Environmental site in Mecca. Update from Cabazon Band of Mission Indians Environmental department: Western environmental is no longer a tenant on Cabazons land. The Tribe is operating cleanup of the site. The previous report is of our staff performing cleanup of the former western site. If anyone needs further information or would like a site tour (instead of taking picture from the Parking lot) please contact the Environmental Director for the Tribe Jacquelyn Barnum 760-408-5451 I would be happy to answer any questions of our current process and or former tenants.


https://www.ivan-coachella.org/images/reports/XbrXD11526573647.jpg https://www.ivan-coachella.org/images/reports/Ux1X7Y1526573647.jpg


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